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How can I help you today?  Do you have to give a presentation before a group that petrifies you?  Are you on the “C” Suite track  and need help speaking with confidence and authenticity? A lot of my clients come to me because they fumbled their last job interview and want to make sure they succeed in the next one.

Do you have to give your employees performance evaluations?  That’s not so easy to do well.  Perhaps you want to speak to your colleagues more effectively about a project, run meetings more dynamically, ask your boss for feedback on your performance, or for a promotion and you get tongue-tied every time you start to talk about it and you just can’t spit out the words – does this happen to you?  These things happen to everybody from time to time and SpeakSpin is here to help you get through them like a pro.

I believe there is a capable, powerful communicator inside every one of us, but sometimes we need a little help with giving that voice an opportunity to speak.  I specialize in clear, practical instruction on how to overcome your communication nightmares and express yourself eloquently, authentically  and powerfully.

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