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Communication Skills Coaching Programs

Over the years I have discovered that most people have just a few things holding them back from exposing the powerful communicator they have the potential to be.  Some of the programs I have created to help my clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges in various areas of their business and personal lives include:

  • Public Speaking: Preparing for Presentations, Meetings & Events
  • Interviewing Skills & Career Goal Accomplishment
  • Development of Personal Communication Style and Confidence
  • Leadership Communication: Speak with Authenticity and Authority
  • Human Resources Management Communication 

Whether you are interested in personal coaching or a group class on communication skill development for your organization, please contact me directly from this site and let me know how I may be of service to you.  I’ll be happy to quote you a favorable rate that is tailored to your or your group’s specific needs.


Nancy is brilliant! As a professional psychotherapist seeking to shift into a career in Training/Consulting or Human Resources, I have suffered from self-doubt about my abilities to make this transition smoothly and with confidence.   I needed to prepare for a mock-training presentation I was scheduled to deliver as part of a 4-step interview process. Nancy’s advice, comments, and supportive nature were transformative in allowing me to get over my nerves and simply deliver my message with impact.   I had no idea that I had so much potential without Nancy’s feedback based on her years of experience and ability to hone in on exactly what was needed in order to take my speech to the next level.   With Nancy’s guidance and using the tools that Nancy introduced me to, I was able to walk into the interview as if I already had the job-no jitters inhibiting me from completing the task at hand! She even went so far as to follow-up with me afterwards to see how it went and provided moral support via telephone as I awaited the results of whether or not I was hired.   I could not have found a better resource, coach and mentor to guide me through these next steps in my career.”   ~Samantha P.


Click on your choice below to make your purchase:

One Training Session – $150


Three Training Sessions – $400


Six Training Sessions – $750


As always, we strive to provide you with the best service and coaching possible. If after your first session you decide not to go forward with your remaining sessions, just let me know by phone or email at least 24 hours prior to our next scheduled session, and  I will refund the remaining sessions.