Laugh It Off

by Nancy Tetreaux

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Laugh It Off!
Thoughts from Nancy…
HeadshotOctober 20, 2012

When was the last time you laughed out loud? 

I mean really laughed so that you felt your stomach muscles contract, and your smile stretch across your face and you felt that that uncontrollable feeling of having to laugh but needing to breath at the same time, and so you gasped for air, and maybe your eyes
Does it make you smile just to think about it? Good! Because even just smiling, never
mind laughing, raises your endorphins and increases your blood oxygen levels, causing you to feel more relaxed and happier. Who couldn’t use a little more of that?Laughing and smiling is good for us. And it’s contagious!Just as when you feel like yawning when you hear or see someone else yawn – even when you don’t feel tired, when you see someone else smile or hear them laugh, you do it too – even if you don’t know what’s funny.So here’s an idea…Often the best way to communicate with another person, whether it’s a friend, a child, a client or an interviewer, is to make genuine but relaxed eye contact and just smile. Give it a try and I bet it won’t be long before you see them smile back at you.

When you make someone feel good, they feel good about you! And You can feel good about you too. :>)

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