The Power of Patient Persistance…

by Nancy Tetreaux

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The Power of Patient Persistance…
HeadshotMarch 2013 Billionaire Warren Buffet has a way of turning a phrase that’s made him responsible for some memorable quotes.  Here’s one of my favorites from Buffet:“You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting 9 women pregnant. It just doesn’t work that way.” The point is some things just take a certain amount of time.  Sometimes there isn’t a fast-track or a shortcut. And that’s OK.  Actually – it’s right.In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification we tend to lose patience with things that take our precious time.  Sometimes we lose patience with ourselves. But we all know the consequences of doing things too hastily; think about the email you should have proof-read before you sent it (Oops!); or biting into bread that wasn’t fully baked (Yuck!)And sometimes we need persistence as well as patience to get the results we really want.If it seems like something you want to do in your life is taking you longer than you thought it would, it doesn’t mean that you should give up; especially if it’s something you really, really want. Big, important things often take more effort and longer to happen, achieve, emerge, change, evolve – bake – than the little things.  A big problem can take longer to resolve; a deep wound takes longer to heal than a scratch, a limiting idea we hold about ourselves that’s deeply rooted may take time to correct, but with patience and persistence it can be accomplished.

Remember – you can never fail if you never give up.

Stay focused on the result you want; on the destination you’re headed for, and not on all the things that appear to be slowing you down.

I’ve read that it takes seven miles for the Queen Mary to turn around.  I bet you’re a great big soul with a large and beautiful heart, so it might takeyou a few miles to turn around too.

But you can do it as sure as the Queen Mary.  Just stay on course.  Take your time.  And never give up.

~ Nancy


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