The Wonder of You…

by Nancy Tetreaux

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The Wonder of You…
Here’s a Thought…
HeadshotFebruary 2, 2013


Now that the New Year is under way and the holiday mega-rush of activity has subsided, we can relax into our normal routines with friends, family and colleagues.


The other day, as I cleared off my desk in preparation for new projects and tucked things away in files, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, I noticed that when I was on the fence about whether or not to throw something in the trash I sometimes thought: Do I want to discard this thing that inspired an important thought; this picture of a place where I had a great time; this post-it with an email address in that person’s own writing?


Why do I struggle even for a moment over such scraps when it is guaranteed that a new jumbo jet load of information is going to land on my desk the very next day? I think it’s because I see little pieces of me in these items. Holding on to them seems like a way to retain my sense of myself in the face of all that has happened and all there is to do and learn, reject, confront and enjoy as I evolve into what I hope is an ever improving version of me.


Recently, as I was catching-up with various people on projects and meetings that got sidelined over the holidays, I noticed that several of them remarked that 2013 is going to be a ‘better year’, and I realized that I felt that way too. Why?


It seems like the last couple of years have been especially difficult for many people I know personally, and by extension, lots of people they know. All kinds of things have happened that have been difficult, stressful, challenging and sad. And yet, so many wonderful things have happened too; I know of all kinds of exciting successes and accomplishments; relationships blossomed, fences that were mended, babies that were born and adventures undertaken.


Through our most difficult experiences we grow the most, and in light of them we can appreciate the good things that happen to us all the more. We can’t help but grow. Like all of nature, the life in us is programed to grow, expand and evolve. It won’t let us do otherwise.


When was the last time you tried to stop breathing? It doesn’t work, does it? The life in you won’t let you stop.


Think about a blade of grass. It’s always a blade of grass, and even though it may be cut over and over again it grows larger, taller, and it will find its way right up through concrete seeking the sun if it can. None of we living things can help but grow. But when life seems hard, we can feel reduced rather than expanded by our experiences, and we sometimes want to gather up all our little scattered pieces and hold them closely.


As you reflect on years past and the events that have affected you the most, good or not-so-good, consider that you are an ever evolving blade of human wonder. The life in you, which seeks to grow, has grown even more because of whatever difficulties you’ve faced.


The New Year will be even better because you are that much stronger and wiser; you are an even better version of you. Discard the little things that hold you back and keep you focused on the past. Instead, hold on to yourself for you are a growing thing. I guarantee it. You can’t help it. The wonder that you are.


~ Nancy

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